It’s not going to make a fuss about helping their family make decisions later, is it?

After all, velvet people and giant velvet people are feuds.
"How did you become a husband? I don’t know if my wife is pregnant? " The doctor took a blank look. "Well, you go to the opposite obstetrics and gynecology department to do a set of tests and get the test results back …"
The doctor took the (ancient) leg away.
Although the equipment and medical staff in the Kiwan Manor of Fengqiao Institute are the best, there are not many patients.
Even so, this round of inspection takes a long time.
Then (Gu Gu) gave the results to the doctor with trepidation. The doctor looked at them and nodded, "Well … the fetus has been pregnant for two weeks, and it seems to be healthy at present, but at this time, you must pay great attention to the fact that the cashmere fetus was considered a dangerous period in the previous month …"
The doctor was there talking and telling (Gu Gu), but he didn’t listen.
He jumped and jumped in the same place. "Oh, great! My wife is pregnant! I’m going to be a father! God, I’m going to be a father! "
"What a jump!" The doctor stared at him. "I’m telling you the precautions! Listen carefully to me! "
"Is is … you said …"
"Your situation is also special. You are a giant velvet person and your wife is a velvet person. Although our hospital has checked many velvet people, we haven’t met you yet. I suggest you check once a week. Don’t let pregnant women do more activities during this period …"
The doctor was talking over there, not far from Zhuang, but suddenly he felt wrong.
"Hey … the fetus has been two weeks? This is not right! " Not far from Zhuang, I vaguely remember that it was only a week ago that he saw the thunder and lightning strike the ground fire.
Don’t …
Not far from Zhuang, I suddenly felt bad.
Is (Migu) a happy father? Pickup man?
This girl, Qin Qin, looks beautiful. I didn’t expect this kind of person?
Sure enough, all that glitters is gold.
Not far from Zhuang, he poked his head out of the door to see a happy little face and shook his head.
He glanced at his head again. He wore a fancy beach hat to cover his big head. It did seem a little green.
What a tragedy!
But who will do it to Qin Qin?
It’s too much not to let go of a velvet girl!
Don’t ….. Old Brown, the forgiving maniac, finally gave up on the velvet man!
Can you throw this guy with a little integrity!
And this is not good!
Now I’m waiting for him to get over it, and maybe I’ll get mad when I think about this key problem.
Nobody likes being a father, right?
The question now is whether I should tell (Gu Gu)?
Friends and brothers can’t cheat their brothers in this key matter, can they?
But if it does, I’m afraid I’m not going to tear up old Bronson!
The two men exchanged a look at each other not far from Zhuang.
It’s a good thing that we followed the divination, or it will be too late when things break out!
I’m afraid the manor will not be turned upside down by these two people then!
But now even if it is hidden, what can I do when the child is born and sees that he is a human being?
Zhuang is not far from worrying.

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