Joan of Mia Temple is extremely entangled.

In either case, the risk is not small.
But what makes her feel stressed is that she feels that the black sun has recently paid more and more attention to her.
It should be that Heiyang’s recent strength loss wants to devour her and treat her as a big supplement.
For a short time, the strength of the black sun will be damaged, and it will not be forced to deal with her and devour her.
If Heiyang’s strength is restored to a certain extent, then an Oracle will get her to a remote planet, and then Heiyang may be desperate to shoot.
On the issue of belief destruction, the power of black sun can still be avoided.
When the time comes, the black sun will destroy all the Maya on that planet, and there will be no witnesses.
It is also possible to destroy that planet.
Black sun can do this completely.
Even Joan speculated that two popes were killed in this way before.
Because in the previous historical records, two extremely powerful popes accidentally fell, and two planets were just destroyed.
Joan doesn’t want to be the third.
If it fits, it will take some risks and may be allowed to retire from the pit to die.
But if it doesn’t fit in the next year or two, she will die!
This is Joan’s judgment for her future.
Not pessimistic
Instead, she carefully studied the secret files of the Pope in the temple of Mia, and consulted several elders of longevity fanatics to obtain historical secrets and concluded.
Then her choice in this situation is already obvious.
Or she has no choice.
"Just come as you asked," Joanne said. "I can take it to deal with Heiyang. There is a department." Joanne said.
Joan was relieved when she gave this answer, but she also felt a sense of inexplicable guilt.
At this moment, Joanne had a feeling of really betraying the Lord.
"I didn’t betray.
I am to protect myself.
I am alive.
I believe that the Maya will have a better life under my leadership. "Joanne found reasons for herself.
"Good you Maya Moya planet how long can you arrive?
I need to take you into the small universe of fire from there, "Xu asked.
"I need half a day."
"Well, I’ll wait for you there on time."
"I’ll be on time"
When he reached a final contract with Joan, Xu retired and directly gave Cai Shaochu an order.
"President CAI ordered the expeditionary force attack team to restore strength to prepare for the expected 12 hours before entering the battlefield.
After entering the battlefield for half an hour, the decisive battle will be held at any time, "Xu ordered.
"Bai will finish all tactical drills in an hour and enter the pre-war recovery state," Cai Shaochu said.
On November 2, 2142, the Mayan holy land was recovering its strength, and the spirit of the black sun suddenly moved.
He’s been paying attention to Joanne. Suddenly his breath moved?
This is the Hades star field where the temple of Mia is located?
Do you want to start work when Heiyang’s heart moves?
It’s not surprising that Pope Joan is away from the temple. It’s not surprising that there will be one or two inspections every year or an epiphany.
But Joan has been very careful for the past six months.
This opportunity is relatively rare.
But after thinking about it, Heiyang gave up the idea of doing it now.

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