Dragon will be a white freezing problem.

If the funds are not flowing for ten years, they will be frozen.
This time, over a hundred years, the money will be handed over to Tianren Wencheng for conquering foreign languages
The birth of this rule is due to the fact that if heaven and man don’t conquer the outside world, they will probably die, and even heaven and humanity will test their luck.
And the dead money is naturally nationalized …
Don’t let their children inherit? After all, no one can guarantee that their children must be their own parents.
But take this money out and the dragon will not feel bad at all.
This thing of money …
Life does not bring, death does not bring.
And if this thing is really done, his profit will be dozens of times, but a hundred times. At that time, he may even get glory in the humanities.
"One more thing."
Wen Ji jun hesitated for a moment and said
"oh? What is it? "
"It’s an antidote to life and death in a month … the dragon general’s adult, you enter reincarnation, and sometimes it’s impossible to connect for days. This psychic life and death operator says that scientific and technological means can also relieve your mind."
"Oh, it was my negligence. Hahahaha, you did a good job. The antidote to life and death will naturally be available. I will send it later."
Wen Jijun’s words cleared the dragon general’s final worries.
Wen Jijun is loyal and he knows the weight. Since he dares to tell himself about Ji, nine times out of ten, his money will definitely make Wudao and Xiandao fight to a higher level.
He would never dare to take any risks if he had the mind to live and die.
Chapter 555 This discount must not be played.
[You robbed the Dragon Admiral of 46,215 days, and the human currency can be exchanged for 44,942 points. Do you want to exchange it? 】
When that music is in your ear.
Su Wei chose no without hesitation.
The dragon general’s purse is richer than expected …
The money was even more than he had won in a gambling fight before.
Not the kui is the head of the twelve gods.
At present, Su Wei is not short of authenticity.
But he is too short of money. If he wants to expand faster, he needs bigger and more assistants.
The latter can be wholesale from "Limited" OL, not only without giving money, but also earning money from them by hand …
But the former can be obtained from heaven and humanity.
Without hesitation, he gave the money to Jarvis to buy land through Xiao Zhi.
Have a good job
Through her, Su Wei can buy the best at the lowest price … Even those who come to pure blood to choose land can make Su Wei qualified to buy.
"After all, I’m not relying on my money, but it’s really true that I’m not a dragon commander. Who believes it?"
"Does it really hurt your conscience to do this?"
Yun Yun looked at Su Wei with strange eyes. Although this man was the closest person to her, this time she still felt that she wanted the victim to say something, otherwise her conscience would be hard to pass … Rubbing could not be restored.
"What hurts?"
Su Wei was surprised. "What the dragon will want to do is to carry forward the martial arts, quarrelling and fairy tales in the whole day. Am I not doing it?" He didn’t hesitate to give out all his money, but he just promoted these three items to rank among the best skills of heaven and man. Am I not doing it? Dragon and I are like-minded and walking on the same road. "
"It seems that … also … also to …"
Yun Yun was a little confused and scratched his head. The mature and graceful young woman’s naive behavior seems to be particularly finals and pleasant.
But she always felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t say exactly what was wrong.
"And you see …"
Su Wei pointed to the distance.
At this time, the two are in the humanities.

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