He gathered his sleeves and sighed lightly, "I hope Dachao won’t die in my hands."

Chapter five hundred and ninety-two Daoguang Buddhist
On the second day, Zhu Guang presented it to Zhu Youxiao with refined essence and blood tonic pills.
Zhu Youxiao pulled him to build a pagoda, and it was not until dark that he was released.
On the following three days, they built a pool, a door and a bridge respectively.
Later, Zhu Youxiao asked Zhu Guang to fast and bathe, and nine days later, he was officially on the altar to worship the Buddhist.
And he paid attention to personally supervising the construction of Zhu Guang Buddhist House.
Nine days later, Zhu Guang fasted and a mighty ceremony was held in the Temple of Heaven.
There will be not only the ministers of the court, but also the Pope’s monk record department and Taoist record department of Longhu Mountain, Gezaoshan Mountain and Maoshan Mountain, and Xu Da, who is protecting the national god.
The ceremony of offering sacrifices to heaven was held together.
The mortal can’t see the dragon column with nine claws hovering and holding the pearl in its mouth.
As Wei Zhongxian read out the imperial edict, Zhu Youxiao personally gave jade swords, jade seals, jade symbols, Taoist scrolls and other things.
The dragon column flew out of the road and purple gold gas fell into these treasures.
And as Zhu Guang took over and merged into other bodies.
Dragon spirit swims in Zhu Guangzi and rushes straight into his purple mansion, turning into a nine-claw golden dragon that will occupy it.
However, suddenly a talisman rises and turns into a dragon and swallows it with a jerk.
Turn into a nine-claw golden dragon and bloom like a golden light shining through the purple mansion.
And through the body out into the sky, the dragon column is integrated
Zhu Youxiao looked at satisfaction and nodded his eyes, and Zhu Guang’s luck was greatly connected.
He grabbed Zhu Guang’s hand and said, "From now on, the real person will be the second Buddhist in our dynasty!"
The first Buddhist in the Great Dynasty was Liu Bowen, who claimed to unify the country.
I almost became a Buddhist when I came to Yao Guangxiao, but at that time, I was the founder of Dangmo.
Not only did Zhu Di, the emperor of Chengzu, want to seal his Buddhist title, but even Yao Guangxiao was willing to do so.
But then he suppressed the ghost king of Yinshan and disappeared. Zhu Di and Yao Guangxiao showed their respect and waited for nothing.
Since then, I have never been a Buddhist again.
It’s not just the emperors who don’t want to seal it, but the Buddhist has to bear the weight of the national luck and the dragon column, which not everyone can bear.
If you can’t transport the dragons and pillars together, you will be crushed to death by the big countries.
Zhu Youxiao is very happy that Zhu Guang can bear the weight of national transportation and blend with it at the same time.
"I will live up to my expectations!" Zhu guang take a step back kotow way

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