Based on this, we believe that we can select 13 high-quality population, abandon the remaining 17 population and embark on a wandering journey alone. Note that if this plan is implemented, 13 high-quality population needs to take 90% less islands and materials, and only in this way can there be enough materials to cope with the jobs. The remaining 17 population will be transferred to the remaining 17 islands, and they … will live and die.

It should be noted that large-scale social unrest and bloody conflicts will inevitably break out during the implementation of this program.
The third solution is to wait and see. The government should strengthen the control of the army, maintain the purity of the fighting capacity of the army, and at the same time ensure the safety of the high-quality population, and take a listening attitude towards the rest of the population. They will riot or secretly provoke riots and conflicts. When the population naturally decays to 13% of the existing population due to turmoil, the government will come forward to quell the riots and rebuild the order. We should follow the principle of face-cleaning, remove all the unsafe parts in the previous process, and then return the blame parts to them. In this way, we will maintain the image of the government and achieve the goal of reducing the population
Attached are the points for attention in the specific implementation process of the three schemes. Please refer to them if necessary. "
Chapter three hundred and seventy-two Gone with heavy code
The Fuehrer is not an emotional person. He knows that emotional factors should not be mixed in this judgment of the whole article. If interests are the only measure and interests are the only measure, then it seems that the first one is the most appropriate of the three solutions.
Because this scheme has the least damage to the whole human culture, although this scheme still has some shortcomings, it can make up for it. Unlike the second and third schemes, it will bring irreparable damage to the human culture-the remaining population will definitely suffer heavy casualties after the split of the culture, not to mention the rest, it will take a long time to recover from the damage to the population base, not to mention the impact on morality and values
However, the Fuehrer finally made up his mind to choose this plan, not because it is hard to accept or because of some other emotional factors, but because it is really in the overall interests of mankind that it is equally unbearable for mankind to think about the possible consequences of this plan.
Since all three options are available, what should I do?
The Fuehrer kept pacing in his office, trying to think about something. A moment later, a light flashed in his eyes, and a seemingly perfect solution appeared in his mind. But after a while, the light disappeared, because the Fuehrer quickly realized the shortcomings of this scheme. However, this scheme is different from the first three schemes. The advantage of the first three schemes is that the damage to human culture is also the whole text. At this moment, this scheme is beneficial to the text … but it is its own.
If the plan is successfully implemented, it is good, even if it fails, human beings will not suffer additional losses, but they will only maintain the existing bad situation, but they will certainly be ruined, and even their personal safety will be guaranteed rather than being taken to the guillotine and humiliated and died in public reviling.
So … Do you want to choose this plan or not?
The Fuehrer dare not say that he is a complete archduke, and it is no exception for him to seek his own interests. The Fuehrer is very concerned about this point. The Fuehrer does not recognize that there is anything wrong with pursuing a little self-enjoyment while striving for progress in literature. Besides, after writing the Fuehrer, there will be no choice between literary interests and his own interests-they are both common.
The Fuehrer has made many important decisions before, each of which can affect the lives of billions of people. In the process of these decisions, the Fuehrer has never hesitated, but now the Fuehrer really feels a little hesitant, because this time it really involves his personal interests and personal safety.
Thinking for a long time, the Fuehrer took a long breath, and his eyes were no longer confused but became firm again. At this moment, the Fuehrer had made up his mind.
After the Fuehrer sent a message to the Secret Service, he came to the small conference room. In the Secret Service, he informed seven people that they had arrived in the small conference room before the Fuehrer’s arrival. They were members of the Fuehrer’s think tank team and also held important positions in the humanistic government. In case of any difficult decision, the Fuehrer usually discussed with them.
"Fuhrer, have you decided which plan to adopt?" A think tank team member asked.
The Fuehrer shook his head and said, "I decided not to adopt a plan."
Another member of the think tank team asked, "What are your plans?"
Another member said that "maintaining the status quo is definitely not acceptable"
The Fuhrer’s eyes narrowed, and the murderous look in his eyes passed.
This sentence seems to have some magical transient, which makes the atmosphere in the small conference room dignified. The members of the think tank team looked at each other and then fell silent.
They already know what the Fuehrer’s decision is, and at the same time, they have thought of all the advantages and disadvantages of this plan in this moment.
"A severe attack on all illegal and criminal activities in Wen can even expand the scope of the death penalty; Resolutely crack down on the pirate group and find that they are destroyed together at no cost; Clean up the government department and deal with all officials who collude with the evil pirate group; When necessary, the population department of a whole district can be arrested after the slum is managed. "The Fuehrer’s tone is getting colder and colder." Ten Pacific islands can even be transformed into prisons, so even a billion criminals are not afraid of no place to detain. "
"Oh …" A member of the think tank team groaned with some strength. "Do you know what this means, Fuehrer? Haven’t you thought of this plan before? "
"This is no good," another member shook his head again and again. "I’m sure that if we implement this plan, we will inevitably encounter great resistance than our government may be subverted."
The other members didn’t speak, but it was obvious that they didn’t agree with the Fuehrer’s idea either
The Fuehrer smiled coldly and there was murderous look in his eyes again. "Are you all opposed to this plan?"
No one spoke in the small conference room. Obviously, everyone acquiesced in the Fuehrer’s words.
"Good" Fuehrer gently nodded. "From now on, you are all fired. Aalto, from now on, you are no longer the chief adviser of the Military Commission. Li Qing, you are no longer the director of the Social Research Office, Wang Hong …"
One name after another came out of the Fuehrer’s mouth, and no one was left behind.
"Since you don’t have the courage … I won’t force you. I will find someone who has the courage to complete this plan with me to take your place." The Fuehrer said with a smile. "I don’t mind taking your knife first to implement my plan."
A team member murmured, "Fuehrer, you can’t do this. You … you are going to a dead end."
"Of course I know what I’m facing," the Fuehrer sneered. "My plan is bound to touch the interests of many people-those people despise order and collude with black and white in the former chaos. They have formed an unbreakable alliance of interests. If I want to implement my plan, these people must take it, but they will certainly not give in easily. They will take all means including assassination, coup and subversion to stop my plan from being implemented. There is little chance that my plan will succeed. There is a great chance that I will fail and then lose my own life .. But what?"
The Fuehrer continued to say coldly, "I just want to look for the possibility in the impossible, and I will sacrifice my life to seek that hope."
The members of the think tank team kept silent.
The Fuehrer got up and walked slowly to the window and looked out at the artificial blue sky and the earth. His eyes became bright. "The three plans you came out have one thing in common, that is, none of them will harm you or the interests of your class. If you engage in personal worship, I also need some political forces to help me find it from the existing forces, so their interests will be guaranteed and they will split again. So will it not affect you anyway. Of course, I am a special class. These plans will not harm my interests. But what about our text? What about hundreds of billions of people who are based on our culture? "
A team member said, "Fuhrer, are you really determined to break away from our class and be the opposite of our class?" If you want to think about the consequences of this, don’t forget who supported you when you became the head of state. "
The Fuehrer’s eyes are getting colder and colder. "In peacetime, the interests of the two classes can be shared, but there are more and fewer problems. At that time, I could bear it, but now it is different. Now I have tolerated it."
The members of the think tank team nodded at each other. "Well, the Fuehrer wishes you success and you can find a suitable replacement for us."

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