He also knows the language arts.

Just a little regret.
Lei Ming, the commander-in-chief of the Eldar Forward Base, left the Unout asteroid with some regret.
Cai Shaochu, who came to carry out this plan temporarily, also breathed a sigh of relief.
There are still some risks in this plan.
Lei Ming’s strength is really strong. If Lei Ming is desperate to storm here, he will definitely lose a lot.
How to say that it is nothing to lose a few star-rated strong people in the great cause of the Eldar family, but if the star-rated strong people here in Bluestar fall, it will really hurt the bones.
"Strengthen the defense and continue the first-level alarm. Be careful that Lei Yi kills a comeback!"
"Hurry up and go to the special warfare group there to see what the specific situation is and adjust the strategy."
Cai Shaochu reached a series of orders.
This makes the people in charge of the asteroid belt in the rear area a little naive!
Here, the words of the stars are stronger than those of the moon and Mars.
Fuqiang asteroid
Hung Lei Reagan quickly retreated with a large group of people on the occasion of the arrival of the Daxi executive.
The entire Fuqiang asteroid immediately became a confrontation between the Daxi blue star Terran.
Blue Star Terran is the first four stars in Li Qingping, and there are more than 1,000 people. There are 19 transmutations in seven Tuote Battalion.
Bram, an executive chief executive of Daxi ethnic group, and one hundred famous quasi-planets, another one, have changed their world.
However, Bram was seriously injured, and it was already very good to be able to hold out until the executive Gunter came. Before Bram came, there were three people on the quasi-planet, but the base didn’t have much fighting power. Before Bram came, 50 transmutations consumed a lot in the battle of the pre-Eldar.
The situation is in a strange state of confrontation.
Daxi clan is not in a hurry to start work, nor is Bluestar Terran in a hurry to start work.
But Xu retreated and found that they charged the quark-particle jumper again!
There are still people in Daxi!
After a few breaths of communication with each other, Bram was injured. "Well … I think we have a common enemy, the Eldar. Maybe we can make an alliance!"
Xu tui, Cui Xi, Luo Mu and others have a face of words. Who just defected? This will happen again.
Besides, I’m afraid this talk is going to delay.
That quark-particle jumper will be fully charged in about half an hour!
At present, the western ethnic groups have no advantage, but another wave of reinforcements is hard to say.
Li Qingping four people exchanged a sudden look at Xu tui. "What do you think?"
It’s not that they made decisions by law, but because of this, Xu retired once, and he knew best how the whole battlefield was going. Xu retired is more vocal.
Xu tui’s direct communication of consciousness told Li Qingping that Daxi people were waiting for reinforcements when they were delaying.
"What do you think?"
"My idea is to scare a wave and play with shame," Xu said.
"How to play?"
A minute later, after listening to the Xu tui plan, Li Qingping quickly communicated with the other three people and handed over the decision to Xu tui.

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