My sister, whose parents are dead, is the only relative, but now even the closest relative in my life is dead, which is like destroying her life, leaving her in despair and generating resentment.

Some crazy people forget to cry for a while, and then the whole person suddenly changes his face, instead of being sad, he is full of hatred.
At this moment, I forget that my eyes are abnormal and gloomy. The whole person loosens my sister’s body and climbs back to the back pocket with both hands. The ropes of the back pocket will be connected together, and then I will tie my waist and my sister’s body.
Finished these precious little forget soft eyes glanced at precious little phoenix light way "don’t be afraid and don’t worry that you have carried your sister for so many years. Now it’s your turn to carry you. Be good and obedient. My sister will carry you away from here and then find a way to bury you. My sister will avenge you. Don’t worry." Say that finish, climb to the top of Taniguchi, grab the weeds with both hands and drag precious little phoenix’s body forward inch by inch.
It is also very difficult to crawl with her hands, but she is determined at the moment. The whole person is as hard as stone and tries to crawl forward.
The heavy burden pressed her to breathe, but she didn’t forget to give up. The harsh blood dripped down her palm, and she seemed to clench her teeth and move forward slowly.
Half willow Yunyang looked at this scene and my heart was like a drop of blood.
He felt more shocked than to forget that persistence and ferocity. It is rare for a born disabled person to hate and support such actions.
Liu Yunyang stood still without a horse. He was silently watching and feeling the hatred in his heart.
Recalling the moment when I returned to the mountain village, my mood was similar at this time.
So Liu Yunyang is very white, and she feels that there is no horse.
The ground forgot to work hard for a long time and made progress of three feet, which is insignificant to others, but forgot to be discouraged and still tried to move forward.
At this time, a distant voice called Xifeng’s name, which turned out to be the lonely boy Ximenyu.
For a moment, Ximenyu came to the valley. When he saw it, he forgot the situation. When he saw it, the whole person trembled and shouted wildly. He rushed to hold Xifeng’s body and cried bitterly.
I forgot my sadness and looked at Ximenyu with complicated feelings in my eyes.
Without persuading me to forget, I watched him and listened to him cry until Simon Yuyin was hoarse and couldn’t cry. She sighed softly, "You are destined to have a sister in this life."
Simon Yusong asked Xifeng excitedly, "Who told me what would happen?"
I forgot to shake my head and said, "My sister’s life has been miserable because of me, and she has suffered more than your life. There are some things that I don’t want you to continue. Now I will feel at ease if you help me take my sister away from here and find a place to bury her."
Ximenyu smiled desolately and broke her heart. "I would be you. Why don’t you tell me who killed Xifeng? I want her to avenge herself."
I forgot to shake my head sadly and whispered, "My sister really likes you all her life, so I believe she doesn’t want you. She lost her life by taking revenge on her. Now you go, take her away from here and find a beautiful place to rest her."
Ximenyu saw that she insisted on not saying anything and stopped asking about it. She changed the subject and said, "What about you? What do you do?"
I forgot to look around and mused, "If you can, I will send my sister Jean to the side of the road with me, and he won’t care."
Ximenyu hesitated for a moment, then untied her rope back pocket, carried her back and handed her the piano, and then slowly left the valley with Xifeng’s body in her arms.
Liu Yunyang looked at the two people with a sigh and followed them far away, hoping to have a look and forget the final fate.
A long time ago, Ximenyu sent the precious little forgotten to the ancient road, comforted her a few words and entered the mountain forest with precious little phoenix.
Watching my sister go away, I forgot two lines of tears in my eyes and whispered to myself, "Go with peace of mind. With him around you, my sister believes that you will leave things to your sister. Even if you die, bet on whether the person still has true feelings!"
I sat down by the roadside and forgot to put away my sadness. I picked up a branch from the ground and wrote a line of handwriting.
Later, I forgot to set the stringed instrument, and the whole person looked desolate. When I played it, I felt sad and sad, and the instrument echoed around the pedestrian’s ancient road.
I am sorry to forget the piano at this moment, which attracted many people to wait and see.
Looking at the handwriting on the ground, the onlookers felt some sympathy, some sighed, and a man sneered, "Is it worthwhile for someone to sell her a penny like this?"
All around the silence is complex eyes looking at precious little forget shake head to sigh.
Jean continued to watch people come, disperse and gather, but it was disappointing.
Liu Yunyang looked at his eyes from a distance, and after a long hesitation, he slowly approached with regret.
Liu Yunyang in the crowd looked at the writing face and saw vicissitudes of life.
There are not many words that I forget to write. The most important word is "hard work". Literally, it means "the boundless world comes to chivalry, and I bet my blood on heaven and earth"
Everyone thinks it’s ridiculous to laugh at it.
Looking at the ten words silently, Liu Yunyang felt that there was something unspeakable in his heart, as if there was a big stone weighing on his heart and making him breathless.
Looking up at Liu Yunyang, I found that she didn’t notice that she was playing the piano with grief and indignation. Her hands and palms were bloody and the lyre had been dyed red.
At this time, a man in his twenties came to the crowd and looked at the handwriting on the ground. "You play the piano, you work hard. Let me listen to it."
Chapter ninety-five Solemn promise
Seeing someone’s problem, I forgot to stop playing the piano and looked up at the man. "It’s very simple. I have this life except a few pieces of silver. I want you to promise to help me kill one person. My life is yours."
The man looked at her disdainfully and sneered, "Isn’t it a joke that you just traded your life for someone else’s? You were stupid that day?"
I forgot to smell speech and lost my smile. I ignored the man and continued to play the sad song. I whispered in my mouth, "The boundless world has come to chivalry, and I bet my blood on heaven and earth."
Tragic Meaning Her hoarse voice actually gave people a deep shock.
Everyone silently looked at no one, and some people shook their heads and sighed, and some people left sadly, but no one was willing to sell her life.
In a blink of an eye, a little while later, I forgot the sound and gradually disappeared. The whole person was depressed and sick, and his mouth spit out a bloody force, which made the stringed instrument limp, and he said sadly, "God really loves you."
The onlookers were not moved by her will when they saw it, but they all expressed their condolences. Unfortunately, they forgot their indifference like water.
Several people shook their heads with a wry smile and eventually dispersed.
Liu Yunyang didn’t move. He was there all the time.
When the crowd dispersed, he slowly walked up to Xieforgeu and said, "I’ll sell you my life!"
In just five words, it is more serious than firmness. Obviously, this is a very serious matter in Liu Yunyang’s heart.
Cherish forget body yishan labored looked up and looked LiuYunYang.
Four eyes meet, forgetting the bitterness, but gratified to say "it’s you"
Liu Yunyang nodded. "It’s me. Would you like to?"
I forgot to smile, but there was no horse to answer him. Instead, I watched the former Ximenyu disappear and said to myself, "My sister’s life has finally been sold. Don’t worry, my sister will come to accompany you later."
Looking back, I forgot to bow down to Liu Yunyang. "I’ll please you after the grace is worshipped by me three times."
Liu Yunyang didn’t shy away, but was quietly bowed by her three times and asked, "Did Miss Xifeng die because of that blue teenager last night?"
It’s a pity that I forgot to smell the words, and my face turned to hatred. "Yes, he ruined my sister’s innocence and took her life."
Liu Yunyang indifferently said, "Well, I remember that if I don’t die, I will take his life to fulfill your wish." Then I turned around and Liu Yunyang left step by step.
Cherish forget mouth call him light way "thank you so cherish forget even death also peace of mind" say that finish a head toward the next to a stone.
Liu Yunyang’s eyes flickered and stopped her. She said, "Don’t be in a hurry to die. If I can fulfill your wish, it’s meaningless for you to die. Stay alive and watch my sister take revenge. If you get revenge, I won’t stop you. If I don’t take revenge, you can continue to find someone else to sell your life."
This is because Liu Yunyang method grasps whether he has a life to walk out of Aoyue Mountain Villa, which is also the reason why he has been reluctant to come forward and hesitated before.
Liu Yunyang is a trustworthy person. If he wants to promise something to others, he will do everything possible to complete it. If the law is completed, he will not easily promise it.

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