Tao Jiji knew that Gowa’s father was bitten by a zombie when he went out once, but he didn’t know the details. I didn’t expect Gowa to give him a very exciting news today.

Although the details of the dog’s face were not said, Tao Jiji could guess that his father’s death must have something to do with these villagers.
No wonder the village was so vague about the dog’s father.
The original problem appeared here.
Dogway patted the young people with him and said, "Please, folks."
These young people are better people in the village and dog dolls. They play together since childhood and play together after the end of life, just like brothers.
But these young people can’t leave with the dog baby.
Because some of these villagers have their relatives, although they are not direct relatives, they are still related, so they can’t leave.
These partners don’t know what to say when they hear the dog’s words, but they want to keep them but can’t say them.
They silently sent blessings and told him to be careful all the way.
Tao Jiji saw that Gouwa had made up his mind, and he was anxious to keep him, but found that there was no reason and excuse.
So Tao Jiji shook his head and told him to be careful.
And Tao Jiji also asked Lin Ying to help him take care of the dog baby.
Lin Ying smiled and said to Tao Jiji, "Since Gouwa is going to mix with me, I will take good care of him. You can rest assured."
With Lin Ying, Tao Jiji is a little relieved.
Lin Ying and Qing Muyang, their strength is there, and there should be no problem for the dog to follow them with his awakening status.
Lin Ying intends to leave immediately.
So Lin Ying called all the animals together and then went to the hillside with Qing Muyang and Gouwa plus nine people.
Tao Jiji and the villagers watched Lin Ying leave.
Lin Ying took everyone to the foot of the mountain soon, and then Lin Ying thought about getting his truck back.
It’s a pity to throw that truck full of weapons in exchange for dozens of lives.
If the zombies leave, those weapons will give others an advantage.
Lin Ying doesn’t want someone she doesn’t know to pick up this gift package.
So Lin Ying revealed her thoughts to Gouwa and the Nine.
He’s going to get that truck of weapons back, and if possible, they can drive that truck downtown.
The dog doll and the group of nine are also very excited to hear that Lin Ying has a car full of hot weapons.
Lin Ying and their hot weapons were left to Tao Jiji and them. They took cold weapons with them. If they get that car full of weapons, then everyone can change guns.
Thought of here, everyone is also very supportive of Lin Ying to get that car full of weapons back.
And green MuYang is always supporting the Lin Ying anyway.
What Lin Ying says, Qing Muyang will do, and never takes it into consideration.
So Lin Ying took a few people to touch the past in the direction of the village
However, Lin Ying hid his weapon in the Woods outside the village. If he did it properly, there is hope to get the car out.
Lin Ying several people went all the way to the village. They found that there were zombies on the road and they kept moving in the direction of the village.
This scared Lin Ying, and they were afraid to take the road so that they could move forward in the surrounding grass.
After they walked for more than an hour, Lin Ying finally came to the forest where they had come.
Lin Ying, they hide in the grass and watch zombies flock to the village constantly, and they also have some language.
Looking at the forest shadows reminds me of his cuneiform rattan.
Gouwa is the plant control room. At present, the most powerful weapon he can control is several cat claw vines, and two of them were robbed by Lin Ying.

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