"That’s a head." Lei Xiaoyu directly took out three Lingshi. "Now I’m going to redeem it. How can you find it for me?"
If you encounter something less than the value of a spiritual stone in the realm of repairing the truth, it is usually a head-adding ofuda.
But Xianbei pawnshop is not like this, but something called "Lingshi Ticket" is Lingshi Qianjiao Unit, which is 10 cents and 1 lingshi.
The money took the three LingShi let hand out six LingShi tickets and handed it over.
Looking at the hand slightly distributing the psychic ticket, Lei Xiaoyu complained, "This is waste paper for me. I didn’t have it."
You know, for ordinary practitioners, it is also a huge sum of money to repair six Lingshi without the support of big forces behind them.
Qian said with a smile, "How come every shop in Xianjie can make it illegal for Da Yue not to accept Lingshi tickets?"
"How can you spend it? It’s not enough to buy the cheapest elixir. "
"It’s ok to buy fairy wine and rune, or save more to make up a whole store that can be exchanged for Lingshi."
LeiXiaoYu horse thought of this LingShi ticket.
I’m afraid many people don’t want to hold this kind of lingshi money, so what can they do to spend it? This will greatly increase the business of Fulinmen, and she knows that Fulinmen is really behind the royal family, which is to help the royal family make money.
And if you don’t want to spend it, you can hold it. As a result, those who hold the Lingshi ticket will rely more and more on Xidan Xianjie to continue to be tied here.
Another thing she didn’t expect was that Hu Lu wanted to promote cash.
At present, there are silver tickets in Da Yue and no banknotes have been issued.
Qian Hulu thought it was a long-term project, but after he entered middle age and even his later years, the people got used to small silver tickets before implementing banknotes.
But now it is a good opportunity to see Lingshi ticket.
The rich people in Beijing are going crazy, anxious that they don’t have a lingshi, but they can do nothing about the good things in Xianjie.
This month, Huang Wei knocked out several gangs selling Lingshi at high prices, and the rich people spent a lot of money on Lingshi, without blinking an eye or even moving their brains. As a result, they were cheated. Lingshi was just a pile of fluorescent stones.
However, from these fraud cases, we can also see that they are eager for the stone and the cultivation of immortality.
After the Lingshi tickets are circulated in Beijing for a period of time, the court will announce that the exchange ratio of silver and Lingshi tickets will be completely released, so that ordinary rich people can also be exposed to the beauty and cruelty of the world of cultivating immortals.
Of course, it’s not the right time yet. Now these shops in Xidan Street are not enough for the rich people in Beijing to buy in buy buy. This plan will not be launched until Xianjie is more full-fledged.
Lei Xiaoyu redeemed it immediately after pawning. She wanted to find out the operating mechanism of Chu Xianbei’s pawnshop. Now, she has destroyed the pawn ticket and got her bag back, and left contentedly.
I have to take part in the scientific research in Beijing area tomorrow. She has confidence in herself, but she still has to brush up on it. If she hadn’t heard about Xianbei Industry, she wouldn’t have left the palace.
There are many problems like Lei Xiaoyu, and there are not many customers. The Jianghu children are flat and agile, and they will get up soon.
Many of them came to pawn because Hu Lu once thought about the monks at the bottom of the gas refining period. Most of them were scattered practitioners, and they had a stronger demand for lingshi, because lingshi could be replaced with cultivation materials that they urgently needed to upgrade.
And these people also recognized that Beijing was the first place to fix the true world, Beijing drift, which could bring them opportunities earlier than those who had backstage supporters.
Most of them choose to get more lingshi in a short period of one year and have no plan to redeem it.
All their pawns are things they don’t need, and Xianbei adheres to the principle that you should accept it when we do.
But some things are too cheap, such as the most common exorcism charm. You treat me as a stone ticket, and the cost is higher than yours.
However, Xianbei still received even the lowest corner of the Lingshi ticket. Hu Lu is not afraid of losing money. He hopes to guide more people to this road.
However, there are still some good things in these pawns that someone actually pawned the precious jade symbol of uniting skills.
Look at this boy. His name is Xiao Shuai. He looks ordinary. He is not old enough to wear ordinary clothes. He is about the same age as Wei Long next door. He found Xianbei with a jade symbol in his hand.
Qian looked inside "Tao Yan Jing?"
Never heard of it.
"Have you made this achievement method?" Qian Wen
Xiaoshuai shook his head, and now he is not a practitioner. He decided to pawn this skill and whether he should sell it or not.
"Then what are you doing? Are you memorizing all the words inside? Even if you master this method, young people are too young."
There are not only words, but also pictures and images in the martial arts jade charm, and there are many immortals to stay and guide the cultivation and understanding.
It may not be a problem just to recite the words at the beginning, but it is almost difficult to practice in the back. Before that, so many people didn’t sell their skills because it was to establish themselves.
The jade charm of the achievement method can indeed be copied, but it is not something that the monks at the bottom can do, otherwise all the achievement methods would have been flooded all over the sky.
Money is well-intentioned, but Xiao Shuai still insists
"The achievement method is not easy to evaluate ~" Qian thoughtfully, after all, not everyone can grade the other person’s achievement method when they look at people like Hu Lu.
Even if Hu Lu had never heard of the Tao Yan Jing before, it is a big problem to estimate the achievement method that he has never heard of, and he can usually bargain to the death.

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