But connected to the outpatient building is the inpatient building, which has more than ten floors.

Lin Ying intends to stay in the outpatient building. There are fewer people here than in the inpatient department, and there are not many zombies.
Or disturb a large number of zombies, clean up some scattered zombies at the top and spend the night.
Living high away from the ground is not easy to attract zombies.
After making up my mind, Lin Ying went upstairs.
Lin Ying went out of the pharmacy and followed the signs to find the fire escape.
Then Lin Ying walked down the fire escape to the building.
There was nothing in the fire escape except a little dark.
Didn’t even see a zombie body, let alone a zombie.
In this year, no one can take the stairs, which also leads to the explosion of the stairs when the disaster occurs, but there is no one on the stairs
Lin Ying walked directly down the stairs to the top floor.
Lin Ying went out from the stairs and found many zombies at the top.
But for Lin Ying, these are all small things.
So Lin Ying and Qing Muyang went out to easily clean up the zombies on the top floor of the outpatient department
After cleaning up this zombie, Lin Ying checked the premises one by one.
These rooms are doctors of various subjects, but for some reason, there are no people in all outpatient clinics.
But when Lin Ying cleaned up to the last room, she found something moving in a data cabinet in the room.
Lin Ying listened for a while and found that it was not a zombie sound.
So Lin Ying approached the cabinet carefully, raised his pike and prepared to hit the cabinet.
At this time, peer Qing Muyang was holding boning knife and guarding him.
The cabinet is an old wooden cabinet, which seems to be a few years old. It is very inconspicuous in the corner.
If Lin Ying hadn’t heard a slight noise inside, Lin Yinggen wouldn’t have noticed the situation inside.
Lin Ying held the iron ring of the cupboard door in the lead screw, spear and sword sleeve, and then stirred it outward.
Lin Ying picked a result and didn’t stir up.
Lin Ying’s pike directly hit the gap in the cabinet door and stabbed a hole in the two doors.
There came a howl like killing a pig, "Don’t kill me, don’t kill me."
There is more than one sound in it, male and female.
I heard Lin Ying pull out his pike and took a step back. "Shut up and stop screaming and be careful to lead the zombies."
Although Lin Ying cleaned up this floor of zombies, zombies who call it too building will be attracted here when they hear it.
The people in the cupboard immediately stopped howling when they heard Lin Ying’s rebuke and called it a low hum.
When Lin Ying heard the people inside, she relaxed her pike and knocked on the cupboard door. "Hey, friends inside come out."
If there are zombies or other things in it, Lin Ying may still have snacks, but if people talk, just call out and see what happens.
The people in the cabinet immediately became quiet when they heard Lin Ying talking, as if they were thinking.
But after a few seconds, there was a rustling sound inside, and then a whole cupboard door slammed.
A woman rolled out from the inside, and then a fat one rolled out from the inside, which looked like more than 200 kilograms.
Lin Ying watched out two people a joy.
Less than a cubic meter in the cupboard was filled with more than 200 kilograms of fat and a woman, and it’s not too scary to squeeze them in.
"Eldest brother, don’t kill me, don’t kill me. I’ll give you anything you want." Before Lin Ying could speak, Fat climbed to his side, grabbed his trouser legs and cried for mercy.
While the woman is pale to see Lin Ying whole body trembling.
Suddenly Lin Ying looked at the fat face and her expression became extremely rich.
Fat has been wearing this suit for many days, and it’s too dirty. He wears a big back and his hair is stuck in a ball, and his fat is shaking all over his body.
His whole body gave off a very unpleasant smell.
What surprised Lin Ying was that he knew this man.
This fat man is actually Luo Shijun, general manager of Linying Internship Automobile Factory.
Lin Ying was very surprised to see the general manager of the automobile factory here.
Although Lin Ying knew Luo Shijun, Luo Shijun didn’t seem to know that Lin Ying was there, holding Lin Ying’s trouser legs and begging for mercy.
It is normal for Luo Shijun not to know Lin Ying, and Lin Ying does not feel strange.

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