The thickness of the iron gate is more than 50 cm, and the height and width are several meters, so it is estimated that this iron gate is tons.

In ancient times, there was no crane. Did they pull this iron gate in or set it up?
Lin Ying felt that even with these machines, it was difficult to get the iron gate in.
As soon as Lin Ying felt it, the iron gate was hoisted.
Then behind the iron gate, an iron gate was exposed again.
“ha? Don’t lie to me, I read less. "
Behind the iron gate or in the iron gate yard, everyone doesn’t know what to say.
Then Lin Ying took the initiative to ask the bat king about the iron gate.
Earlier, Lin Ying could find out that the machine was the bat king and told him.
It told Lin Ying through the spirit link that when someone often came in, the bat king remembered to hit the iron gate outside.
Now I hear Lin Ying asking about the iron gate inside, and the bat king keeps recalling that he saw someone come in and fuck.
A moment later, the bat king told Lin Ying everything after he saw someone come in through the spirit link.
The memory of the bat king is very messy. Lin Ying arranged it with his eyes closed.
A moment later, Lin Ying came to the front of the iron gate and touched the center of the iron gate.
There is a hole here.
Lin Ying stared at the hole curiously. "It turns out that the key way is here. Fortunately, I have the bat king to report it. Otherwise, who knows what this hole is for?"
Lin Ying said as she hit the box and then took out the key from the box.
Everyone around you looked at Lin Ying with a stupid face and didn’t know what he was going to do.
When they saw Lin Ying’s key, someone finally woke up.
Lin Ying is going to take the key door.
But where did he get his keys?
It seems that it is his first time to come to the village. It is the first time to find this cave. Then where did he get the key?
Lin Ying inserted the key into the keyhole when everyone was wondering.
Just the right size.
{End of chapter}
Chapter 324 A lot of weapons
Lin Ying twisted the key, and the iron gate gave a click.
Moments later, the whole iron gate hit a stream of green gas and gushed out from the door.
"Back back" Lin Ying held her breath and hurried back.
Gouwa and others behind him also saw the green gas and hurried back.

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