But at present, there is no such condition to facilitate the usual debris and the late Qiaoer after going to bed.

However, it’s not good to practice in this kind of environment, and I feel that I seem to be improving again
She is in the late stage of then, and the next stage is the peak of then.
Is it far to reach the peak of then?
No wonder twenty years ago, Master said that she should enter the WTO to experience different lives, which might help her practice. Although this was Master’s guess, she seemed to be right.
The mind-chopping tactic requires practitioners to have a clear mind, and it is hoped that practitioners can come up with some demons from time to time and be killed by themselves, so as to stabilize the mind, make the mind and cultivate a higher level.
The book "Cut the Heart" can be renamed "Cut the Heart Devil", that is, you have to find yourself awkward and then get rid of the demons. The stronger the stamina, the higher the income.
Yunqing still remembers that it has been more than a hundred years since she first stepped into the realm of elixir from the peak of Tsukiji. She was filled with demons because of her tragic life experience.
After ten years of hard work, Master finally achieved the elixir before he was five years old.
After that, she no longer felt sorry for herself, and the past events were also released.
It’s a pity that the demons really want to do it again once to help them get through the hurdle from then to Yuanying.
Only after practicing for an hour, Yunqing got up and pushed the door just to see the emperor sent a little maid-in-waiting outside to call her in the past.
There is a baking room in Eta Ursae Majoris Temple, Yunqing, where I saw a lot of strange foods. Hu Lu said that they are all moon cakes, but the moon cakes are not necessarily round.
This is the result of their family having so many mouths and one afternoon.
Today, Ping An doesn’t practice martial arts, Yu Yu doesn’t draw characters, and Hu Lu doesn’t visualize it. Since it is a reunion festival, he should spend time with his family for entertainment.
"Xiao Yun called you here because I made some moon cakes with several love princesses, and everyone refused to admit that they were the best and most special. Please take a look at this outsider and give these moon cakes a score after eating." Hu Lu hugged Wan Linglong and Xiao Guoer.
Wan Linglong’s face is clean, but Xiao Guo’s face can still see the flour. It seems to be made by hand, which makes it a little difficult for Yunqing. Are you sure that you can’t eat the dead by making things yourself?
Good yourself is not the average person.
She is blind and doesn’t know which mooncake is made by who in advance. The first one is to look at the most normal mooncake.
"What will there be leeks in this moon cake?"
Hu Lu: "Vegetable moon cakes are normal. Try this again."
"What would be smelly?"
"Bean curd moon cake."
Yunqing feels that this family is really trying to force their demons out by playing with themselves!
Ok, the third one is more normal. There is chicken in the moon cake, which is much more pleasing to the eye than leeks and fermented bean curd.
However, those fruit moon cakes, rice moon cakes and noodle moon cakes are too free.
Finally, Yunqing gave the chicken moon cake the highest score. She hugged Yunqing and turned her head and said, "I won and gave money!" "
It turns out that this is a gambling game and the lottery.
White ineffective from Hu Lu and his concubines each won a silver ingot and became rich.
She was just about to say a few words about Hu Lu when she said, "Okay, it’s time to attend the Mid-Autumn Festival dinner. Let’s go."
Jin Yuzhu suddenly enfolded her belly. "Oh, it seems that male and female servants just ate a bad belly."
White doesn’t work. "Who told you to make fermented bean curd moon cakes? So smelly dogs ignored you and showed off three!" "
Jin Yuzhu said with a painful expression, "If you don’t want male and female servants, you won’t go this time ~"
Hu Lu grabbed her hands. "If you don’t, you should go, because Chunyu’s physician will also attend this dinner. Let him show you at that time. It is estimated that acupuncture will be fine as soon as possible."
"Ah, this ~"
Jin Yuzhu has no other words, so she can hope that I can’t look straight at the imperial woman.
Besides, this time is different. At that time, she was dressed in style and her skin was darker. Later, after taking Chu medicine, her skin became white and slippery, which should not be easily recognized.
A line of people packed up a mighty and went to the Hall of Two Instruments.
The princesses are all dressed in formal clothes, and Hu Lu is more casual.
When they arrived, the Queen Mother had just arrived, and the Hall of Two Instruments was full.
There are fewer officials present at the Mid-Autumn Festival dinner than in the DPRK, but there are more relatives and relatives, and some people whom Hu Lu thinks are more important.
For example, the Imperial Hospital is a surname, and Cao Wo, the supervisor of Qianshaofu, and Cai Qianyuan, the historian, usually can’t see the officials in the court.
Yuyu also saw his big brother Yu Houshen, the emperor’s big brother, and his appearance here was justified. However, he was ranked higher by the principal of two famous schools, which reflected the emperor’s emphasis on education.
It can be said that even Wang Hu Gai ranks behind Lin Xiaotian, who was once a smash hit ~
Yunqing followed the princesses and saw the four kings sitting in the corner like minions at a glance!
You finally show up!
But what surprised Yunqing even more was that she also felt two more familiar smells, which made her very uneasy.
No way! How could they be here!
Chapter 131 The originator of Da Yue.
The person in charge of the Mid-Autumn Festival dinner is Shu Fei Wan Linglong. Her four maids, Chunhua, Xia Chan, Qiuyue and Dongmei, greet tonight’s distinguished guests at the door or arrange seats in the Hall of Two Instruments.
When Lin Xiao came, he specially changed his new clothes, which seemed very formal. Most people didn’t know him because he used to be the emperor’s secret interview with the fix-true man. His popularity was far less than that of the civil and military officials who lied to the real man.
Even the maid-in-waiting Qiuyue asked, "I wonder who’s calling, old gentleman?"
The other party handed over the invitation letter, and there was no official title, and it didn’t show which royalty it was, so I arranged a corner position for him.
This made Lin Xiaotian feel even heavier. He regarded this as a little emperor’s arrangement. It seems that the emperor really held his thighs and didn’t look at himself.
Next to him is his old neighbor Cai Qianyuan. When Cai Gong saw him, he was surprised and said, "Where have you been during this period, Mr. Lin? The younger generation has several questions to ask you."
"Oh, we monks like to travel and feel the nature in these Tianshan mountains." Lin Xiaotian perfunctory way.

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