And Lin Ying told him that there would be a bullying or theft incident in the whole team in the future, and the cannon fodder trio would beat him up once.

Li Xin was still a little angry after being beaten, but he also recognized that Lin Ying was joking.
As a result, when he was beaten twice, the whole person changed immediately.
Li Xin, a lucky person in their community, recruited a group of people to be members of his security team.
People in their community except Sun Tiecheng and Dahuang are scared to death when they kill zombies, but they act faster than anyone else when they act like dogs.
Li Xin pulled up the security team temporarily, just like a royal guard, and the lucky ones turned around and watched the people.
If you find someone making trouble, you should be punished directly.
Although there was a problem with the practice, the problem was solved immediately, and no one dared to bully and steal again.
The whole team solved the security problem and Lin Ying also breathed a sigh of relief.
Therefore, it will be more and more necessary to manage the Lin Yingbai team in order to keep these people from being chaotic.
If there is no chaos, the post-mercenary will not be given a chance.
So Lin Ying called all the important people together for a simple meeting.
The meeting is to establish a management team. Lin Ying divided the whole team into four groups.
Security team, combat team, logistics team and medical team
Li Xin is in charge of public security. The combat team is in charge of logistics by vilen in the cannon fodder trio, and it is handed over to Liu Xiaoqi’s medical team, while Yang Tingting is in charge.
Each group has its own functions in good order.
As a result, Lin Ying’s speed of progress is so high.
Lin Ying, they are moving faster, and they can often pull zombies for a long distance, but whenever they stop to rest at night, these zombies come back.
But it’s also good that Lin Ying can urge them to keep moving forward and keep the mercenaries behind them.
The most uncomfortable thing in the whole process is scorpion mercenaries.
Around the mountain road, let them go beyond the zombie group to the front to contain Lin Ying and them. They can’t beat these zombies, but they can silently wait for the opportunity behind these zombies.
Although mercenaries are better than zombies, they often release man-machine to detect their movements from the sky.
Fortunately, the human-computer reaction is also different when they see it.
After fighting mercenaries, the shadow guards are very nervous and ready to fight at any time.
And those new lucky people are curious about what the other person is like.
Lin Ying saw the man-machine and secretly gave Li Xin an order to secretly find out the spies in the team.
Qing Muyang once told Lin Ying that it was because there were spies in the team that they suffered heavy casualties.
Lin Ying believes that this spy must still be among the team. When he sees the mercenaries releasing the man-machine machine, he will sit still and secretly pass information to the mercenaries.
Li Xin has been cleaned up by Lin Ying several times, and he has spared no effort to act like a dog-legged Lin Ying.
Li Xin immediately spilled his hands out after receiving it, like the eagle dog in the East Factory watching the people thoroughly investigate the spies.
Because Li Xinli threw himself into the whole team, the lucky ones appeared before Li Xin as if they had been stripped naked.
Some hidden things have also been stripped out.
Li Xin, their efficiency is amazing.
In less than a day, several important pieces of information were put in front of Lin Ying.
"Boss, these people seem to have second thoughts. They often report to the group to go out and act for possession. I also found that during their search, they found that several women were lucky enough to kill the women after turning around." Li Xin pushed a piece of paper to Lin Ying to complain.
Lin Ying looked at the paper with several names written on it, and recalled that several lucky people found that these people were the latest newcomers.
These people often walk together and kill zombies with a rage.

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