Finally, warlock Liang Yuxing and Zhu Jingsheng nagged about not knowing what to say.

Cheng Jinzhou didn’t and couldn’t listen carefully to Bai, although they could distinguish between Bai Jing and Xi Yong.
Genius is an animal that sometimes really has an eye.
However, Cheng Jinzhou can understand the general idea of their center. Four of the five star warlocks asked to join the team, and the remaining Huang Xuanxing warlock wanted to stay here temporarily. What they are doing now seems to be more like an interview initiated by themselves.
In fact, most astrologers apply to join a certain astrologer’s tower, such as Cao Feng and Jin Xixing. When they enter Liu Kuangxing’s tower, they must be bound by Liu Kuangxing’s warlock to a certain extent.
However, according to the Daxia system, if the astrologer applies to join the Star Tower, it will be approved if there is no definite objection.
In fact, it is an honor for an astrologer to attract other astrologers to join because of the strength and ability of astrologers, but if there is no one, there will be trouble.
Every successful astrologer will assemble various experimental instruments and be favored by astrologers.
Xi Yong and Bai Jingcheng Jinzhou will certainly agree with Jiang Huangxing warlock, and so do they. They will hand over their decision to Cheng Jinzhou.
However, Leijiacha etc students just listen to their questions and talk to each other, but they are slow to express their views.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-five Big mine owner
The more astrologers, the greater the power.
The title of four-level star warlock not only directly brings great power, but also is more important. Attracting more star warlocks to your side will naturally increase their influence. Jiang Huang’s royal star warlock is twice as profitable as it is now, and not only An Feng and Liu Kuangxing warlocks have no small advantages over his four-level star warlocks.
Cheng Jinzhou certainly hopes to enhance his strength, but the more he does, the more he depends on his character as a warlock and so on.
This is different from other warlocks.
Bai Jing looked at him in vain. Xi Yong looked at him, and his five star magicians looked at him.
Seven people pressed Cheng Jinzhou to cough and clear his throat. "Our main tasks now are three things: making explosives, mining and making steam engines. What you heard is true, and two things are made. If you are interested in this, you are welcome. If you are not embarrassed …"
According to him, calculus mathematicians and mechanics are just like selling pork and fruit.
But he didn’t expect that all five astrologers raised their hands.
Cheng Jinzhou seems to forget that astrologers are real geniuses in this era. If they want to make something, they must have a way-self-confidence comes from practicing the discrimination of astrologers, but it is too simple.
Liang Yuxing, a warlock, was surprised by Cheng Jinzhou and was very interested in agricultural planting. He said that interest had long existed, but it was never realized.
Zhu Jingsheng has a general talent in chemistry, but since he is willing to join Bai Jing, Qian Lan and others, he will never stop studying explosives. It is also a hard work. Jinzhou, You Cheng likes to develop continuously.
As a result, Cheng Jinzhou unconsciously increased his team by 5 people again, and the total number reached an astonishing 17 people, which was like an army.
Although many people have not really appointed the team leader of Cheng Jinzhou-mainly because of Jiang Huang’s star warlock-they can clearly feel the recognition of many star warlocks in daily chat and discussion.
This kind of recognition is very difficult and can’t reveal more future. Jinzhou has gone through a hard and difficult process of re-creation. He often wants 17th century knowledge to explain 17th century knowledge and tries to make the main direction correct.
Everyone’s problems and solving problems have also helped Cheng Jinzhou a lot. His 14-year-old brain has almost re-developed again.
Yi Su seems to be grasping the time, and there are always many purposes for Cheng Jinzhou to cultivate others. When Cheng Jinzhou needs to study, his classmates will feel a sense of crisis inexplicably.
Five astrologers temporarily joined in the second week, and Jiang Huang’s astrologer came to the seminar with his whiteboard.
He is very old, it is impossible to create well, but he likes to think about the process very much, and he hopes that it will be rewarding to devote himself to number theory in the last few decades.

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