These zombies are separated from the corpse tide by a branch of about several hundred.

Lin Ying immediately told the news to Yang Guobin and then added, "Yang Lao, these zombies are given to me and crazy. You are at ease here to resist zombies."
When Yang Guobin heard Lin Ying’s words, he immediately said, "Go and help me guard the back road or we will all die here, please."
Lin Ying nodded, "Yang Lao can rest assured that he will keep it."
With that, Lin Ying jumped to Wangcai and shouted "Crazy" with his back to Qingmuyang.
Green MuYang heard Lin Ying immediately jump behind auspicious waving boning knife to go.
Lin Ying soon went to the field camp.
This place has been occupied by zombies. There are zombies everywhere.
Logistics group people are hiding in some buildings in the camp and shooting at zombies, just to stop these zombies from attacking.
The logistics team has been busy all day, and they have hardly had a rest. At this time, they are extremely tired, and so many zombies have come again. They are almost desperate.
But when they saw Lin Ying appear, everyone was refreshed and broke out in amazing fighting capacity again.
Lin Ying fighting capacity, but they have seen to have the two of them come to help, and they immediately have the confidence.
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-three Strong defense
Lin Ying brandished a knife to kill into the zombie group and rushed towards the logistics group.
Lin Ying waved a horse-chopping knife to cut a large zombie in half with the help of the impact of prosperous wealth.
Green MuYang also riding auspicious bursts of laughter constantly to kill the zombies like chopping melons and vegetables.
All the way to the past, not a zombie can stop their footsteps.
Logistics group all looked at immediately high spirits than excited.
A moment later, Lin Ying rushed to the logistics team.
"Chief Lin, you’re finally here. We almost couldn’t hold it." The logistics team leader said with a bitter face.
Lin Ying glanced at the exhausted logistics group and said, "We will almost retreat after we clean up these zombies."
The logistics team leader was surprised. "A big retreat?"
Lin Ying nodded. "There is no more play for the people in front of the retreat. You are pinned down again. They can fight hand-to-hand combat here. It must not last long."
"And there are a lot of intelligent command battles among zombies, and they are attacking and exploring more and more, and everyone is somewhat unstoppable."
"This time, being copied from the back road is the best example. You must step back or you will be in danger."
The logistics team was very surprised to hear Lin Ying’s words, and everyone was relieved at the same time.
They have been busy all day, and they are so sore and tired that they can’t support themselves with one breath. If they keep going, they will be exhausted.
Now, I heard from Lin Ying that there was going to be a big retreat, and everyone felt that they could have a rest.
Lin Ying looked at the zombies coming at him constantly, and drew a line in his palm. "You block the zombies in this direction first. Let’s clean up the zombies in other directions and then clean them up."
Wen Yanqiang, the logistics team leader, cheered up and said, "Leave it to us."
With that, the logistics team leader personally picked up a machine gun and shot at the zombies. The logistics team all looked at it and picked up the gun and poured fire at the zombies.
Lin Ying called green MuYang zombies in several other directions.
This name is Tong Zombie, which is not a threat to Lin Ying. Large tracts of zombies rushed and were cut down by them.
Zombies around are visible to the naked eye. If you continue like this, you can’t go for a few minutes. Zombies in these directions will be slaughtered by Lin Ying and them.
But at this time from behind the zombie group issued a roar and then jumped out of the two evolutionary zombies descended towards Lin Ying.
A fourth-order AS zombie, and the other is a fifth-order m.
Looking at the zombie Lin Ying who rushed over, he shouted "Come on!"

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